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ISSA and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have signed a formal Alliance to promote the safety and health of workers in the cleaning industry. By working side-by-side with OSHA, the association is uniquely positioned to provide crucial safety information to employers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

In furtherance of the Alliance, ISSA and OSHA develop and distribute industry-specific health and safety resources, including improved training materials, and may occasionally conduct complimentary workshops and seminars on various occupational safety and health topics (including seminars to be held in conjunction with ISSA's annual ISSA/INTERCLEAN® trade show). Further, ISSA has created this one-of-a-kind Web network dedicated exclusively to the protection of the health and safety of workers in the cleaning industry.

State Occupational Safety & Health Regulation

The ISSA-OSHA Alliance is primarily focused on federal occupational safety and health regulation, but employers are reminded that state and local workplace safety and health laws must also be complied with. As such, employers are cautioned not to neglect state and local regulations that may be more stringent than their federal counterparts. Specifically, twenty-four states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have OSHA-approved State Plans and have adopted their own standards and enforcement policies. Such standards are often identical to Federal OSHA, but employers are strongly encouraged to review their local regulations to conclusively determine whether there are unique requirements that must be complied with.

States may also develop compliance assistance programs and cooperative arrangements with employers and organizations similar to those offered by Federal OSHA. More information on state plans is available at

Occupational Safety and Health Topics Pages

The Alliance offers a wealth of information on the following occupational safety and health topics to assist you in protecting the safety of your workers. Click on any of the links below for detailed information on your regulatory compliance obligations and tips on how to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for your employees.