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Summer Auto-Scrubber Care Tips
By Daniel Frimml — posted 06/23/2011

After a rough winter and busy spring, some cleaning professionals have some time now to take care of equipment, such as auto scrubbers, that have served them well.

Depending on their size, auto scrubbers are essentially small cars with parts that should be maintained to increase their usefulness and longevity. Consider the following summer auto-scrubber care tips to help preserve your equipment:

  • Clean the machine using a mild cleaning agent. Your equipment is a reflection of your professionalism and should always look its best.
  • Inspect the squeegee blades. Excessive use and rough winter conditions can damage the squeegee or cause it to need adjustment.
  • Examine the pad holder, pad drivers, and connections. Clean, rinse, and allow them to air dry. Although the holders and drivers are designed for years of use, wear and tear can take a toll on them.
  • Make sure cylindrical brush pads are clean and properly shaped. If they have been stored with the brushes down, there is a possibility the brushes will have flat areas that can hamper proper floor cleaning.
  • Empty the tanks and clean the filters and screens. Since this does not always happen after each use as is recommended, be sure to include this activity in the summer auto-scrubber cleanup.
  • Check the batteries. Use a battery hydrometer to check lead acid batteries, and check sealed batteries using a load test. In both cases, it might be advisable to have a professionally trained technician test the batteries.
  • Store the machine properly. Leave the recovery tank lid cover open when the machine is not in use. This allows the tank to dry out, preventing the growth of bacteria and malodor.

Daniel Frimml is Technical Service Coordinator for Tornado Industries, a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment. He may be reached through the company Web site at