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ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

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Distributor Performance Dashboards

Benchmark Your Business & Measure Your Success

Why do distributors need to benchmark? Benchmarking is a critical process for your business; it helps you compare your performance metrics to your peers and learn best practices from industry leaders. And not only is the benchmarking process important—it’s continual. This is particularly true for cleaning-industry distributors, who continue to face the pressures associated with operating profitably in today's highly competitive marketplace.

How Can ISSA Help?

ISSA has partnered with four other distributor trade associations to create the next generation of benchmarking tools:  Distributor Performance Dashboards (DPD). DPD empowers you to:

  • Access benchmarking data 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • View operational and financial metrics for typical and high-profit distributors
  • Compare your firm to other distributors in the industry (and your buying group peers, if applicable)
  • Create custom reports to segment the data however you wish
  • Customize your dashboards to display key performance indicators—or KPIs—that are most important to you.

Get Involved

The DPD participation window for 2016 is closed, and please note that the DPD website is currently down for maintenance as we institute a system upgrade. 

If you have participated in DPD this year and need help accessing the DPD website or have any questions or comments, contact us.


For more information about DPD, please contact ISSA Director of Market Research and Analytics Jon Adkins at 847-982-0800; email