ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.
ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

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Featuring more than 40,000 unique visitors and up to 370,000 page views each month, is the cleaning industry's most popular website—and a perfect venue for you to reach the industry's most influential decision-makers. Choose from a variety of display and video advertising options below.

Website Display Ads features two new display ads to maximize your exposure on the website.

Leaderboard Ad
This large rotating leaderboard ad is positioned at the top of all pages on Your ad appears run-of-site. Size: 728 x 90-pixel

Member Price:

  • $1,295 per month
  • $3,400 for 3-month package
  • $6,600 for 6-month package
  • $12,500 for 12-month package

Half-Page Ad

This ad appears on all interior pages of the website. Your ad appears run-of-site. Size: 300 x 600-pixel.

Member Price:

  • $1,495 per month
  • $4,000 for 3-month package
  • $7,600 for 6-month package
  • $14,500 for 12-month package

Video Ads

Video makes it easy for prospects and customers to hear and see your message! Create excitement and awareness for your products, bring more prospects to your website, and increase sales by featuring your video ad on

Video Ad

  • Video Ads are featured in the popular Buyers’ Guide, where nearly 200,000 search-result pages are viewed each year
  • Video Ads appear in the ISSA-TV section of the website
  • Videos can be up to 5 minutes long and include a 100-word description with a link to your company’s website
  • Includes your medium rectangle (300 x 250-pixel) banner ad that appears with your Video Ad.

Member price: $795 per month

Three-month package: $2,200 (Video Ad Preview included)*
Six-month package: $4,200 (Video Ad Preview included)*

Video Ad Preview

Make an impact on customers with an eye-catching Video Ad Preview that appears on all secondary pages of and links directly to your full-length video on ISSA-TV. Video Ad Previews generate up to three times more views than standard videos.

Member price: $795 per month

Educational Quick Clip Sponsorship

Sponsor an Educational Quick Clip (EQC)—an original online educational video featuring cleaning-industry and business experts—and capture traffic from a highly attentive audience. The EQC sponsorship places your banner ad alongside a new video that ISSA produces and promotes via email to an audience of nearly 50,000 industry professionals.

Two new EQCs are released each month, and viewing sessions are as high as 1,500 views per video, per month! View the EQC video release schedule.

When you sponsor an EQC, you can feature your pre-roll video—a 10-second clip that appears just before the EQC video—for free! Your sponsorship includes:

  • Your company name and banner ad inserted—paired with the EQC video of your choice. Your ad links to your website or to your online video ad on ISSA-TV to maximize your video views.
  • Guaranteed and consistent increase in views with the launch of a new video every other week, along with a broadcast email to nearly 50,000 industry professionals.
  • Your logo and description featured in the EQC broadcast email.
  • A 10-second (advertiser-provided) video pre-roll clip that appears just before the featured EQC.
  • Also include 50 words of copy for company description in the broadcast email.

Member price: $1,295 for the life of the video
Price: $1,700 for the life of the video

Buyers' Guide Featured Listing

The Buyers' Guide serves as ISSA's online membership directory. The Buyers’ Guide Featured Listing, which places your company at the top of the search results when website visitors search for products and services, generates five times the profile views, five times the emails sent, and four times the click-throughs to company websites, compared to standard listings. And no wonder—the ISSA Buyers' Guide produces search results more than 15,000 times per month. Your featured listing includes a report that shows how many times your company’s record appeared and was accessed from the Buyers’ Guide search results! The report also includes emails received and website click-throughs.

Plus: Your company logo (with a link to your Buyers' Guide listing) appears in the "Featured Member" box at the bottom of each page on 

Member-only price: $150 per month; $1,595 per 12-month package


ISSA Newsletters

ISSA offers two monthly e-newsletters. Pricing is the same for both.

  • The ISSA Times is sent to more than 12,000 distributors, wholesalers, and other ISSA members.
  • The CleanScene e-newsletter is emailed to more than 8,800 building service contractors and in-house service professionals from ISSA-member firms and partner associations.
E-newsletter Banner Ads

Place your banner ad in the ISSA Times and/or CleanScene e-newsletters to promote your business to a targeted audience of professionals. Choose from two sizes—or purchase one of each in one issue (Banner Package).

Note that banner ads are priced per issue (i.e., ads in ISSA Times and CleanScene are purchased separately).

Premier Banner

Member price: $1,295 per issue
Price: $1,500 per issue

Spotlight Banner

Member price: $1,295 per issue
Price: $1,500 per issue

Banner Package

The Banner Package includes Premier and Spotlight Banners in the same issue of CleanScene and/or ISSA Times, if available.

Member price: $1,950 per issue

Featured Product of the Month

Make sure that industry decision-makers notice your products by featuring them in ISSA’s popular e-newsletters. Your product image and 50-word description run in CleanScene or ISSA Times in addition to the Weekly Product Showcase.

Member price: $1,795 per issue, per month
Price: $1,995 per month

Exclusive Sponsorship

Your brand or product will be noticed no matter what part of the newsletter is viewed in this exclusive offering. This package includes all three available spots: Premier, Spotlight and Featured Product of the Month. 

Price: $3,500 per each newsletter*

*Only available if other positions are currently not sold.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Connect E-Newsletter

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Connect E-NewsletterAn exclusive e-mail to the combined e-mail database of Cleaning & Maintenance Management and ISSA. The promotion also includes a shared e-mail the week of ISSA/INTERCLEAN to drive additional engagement and awareness.

Total e-mails sent: 45,000+

Space/timing limited – reserve your spot today!

Cost: $5,500 Net


Subject: Customizable
Section 1: 600x300 Image incorporating logo, booth, products, etc. (Alt Text)
Section 2: Headline – Up to 50 Characters and up to 250-word profile/messaging
Section 3: Call out 1: 280 x 180 Image, up to 20 Character headline, up to 30-word teaser/description and call to action. i.e. – Learn More, See Video.
Section 4: Call out 2: 280 x 180 Image, up to 20 Character headline, up to 30-word teaser/description and call to action. i.e. – Learn More, See Video.
Footer: Social media links

ISSA Today Digital Advertising Opportunities

The magazine is now available in new responsive design, which gives your readers an opportunity to view content anywhere, anytime. ISSA Today is the only trade publication sent to top executives, purchasers, and other decisionmakers in all segments of the cleaning industry. Unbiased content assures each issue is read cover-to-cover. Bonus: Advertisers are included in the digital edition, which receives up to 190,000-plus page views, and each issue is emailed to 50,000 business leaders.

Issue Sponsor Ad

This one-of-a-kind exposure, available to one advertiser—and only six times per year!


  • Prominent logo placement, opposite front cover
  • Tagline: “This issue of ISSA Today is brought to you by Your Company.”
  • Video or slideshow linked directly to your website

Member price: $2,590 per issue*
*Official Exhibit Directory issue: $5,590




Issue Sponsor Specifications

  • High-resolution company RGB logo
  • Video messaging (see specifications in video ad description)
  • Include URL link

Send ad materials to  two weeks prior to go-live date.


Your online ad linked to the URL of your choice. 

Price: Free to print advertisers through 2017!
Send URL to

Skyscraper Ad

Your ad exclusively visible on every page of the most widely read cleaning industry publication.

Member price: $2,590 per issue*
*Official Exhibit Directory issue: $5,590

Skyscraper Ad Specifications

  • Ad dimensions: 175 x 575 pixels
  • File formats: JPEG
  • Maximum file size: 50KB
  • Include URL link
  • Ads are visible without scrolling on monitors 1280 x 1024 and above.

Send ad materials to  two weeks prior to go-live date.

Video Ad

Bring your company’s message alive—and get readers’ attention—by embedding video into your ad!

Additionally you will receive sponsorship recognition in the release email that goes to 50,000+ cleaning professionals.

Member price: $1000 per embedded video

Video Ad Specifications

  • Ad dimensions: 320 x 240 pixels
  • File formats: Native video in WMV or AVI formats
  • Length: Three minutes maximum
  • Speed: For best quality, 24 frames per second or higher
  • Players: Standard or custom
  • Include URL link

Send ad materials to  two weeks prior to go-live date.

Bellyband Ad

Place your message directly on the cover of the professional cleaning industry’s most popular bimonthly publication.

Member price: $2,590 per issue*
*Official Exhibit Directory issue: $5,590

Bellyband Ad Specifications

  • Ad dimensions: 816 x 480 pixels (8.5" x 5")
  • File formats: JPEG, high- resolution PDF
  • Include URL link

Send ad materials to  two weeks prior to go-live date.


This double-sided postcard advertising piece places your message directly in front of your customers and prospects—ISSA Today’s audience of top decision- makers.

Member price: $1,295

Postcard Specifications

  • Ad dimensions:  576 x 432 pixels
  • File formats:  JPEG, high- resolution PDF
  • Include URL link

Carl Diwby 
Sales Manager, ISSA Media 
Phone: 800-225-4772 (North America) or 847-982-0800

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