Innovation & Education Committee in Europe

Launched in summer 2019, the Innovation and Education Committee has the goal to support ISSA in designing and establishing an innovation and education programme. The Committee ensures the programme meets the specific development needs of the cleaning industry including members and non-members. Further, it elevates the profile of ISSA as the leading industry platform for sharing knowledge in Europe.

ISSA’s key priority is to serve the interests of its members and the cleaning industry as whole. The association achieves its goals by aligning with active and driven members who are committed to play a vital role in the association and cleaning industry.

The committee is formed by 8 ISSA members representing different sectors of the cleaning industry across different European countries and company types.

ISSA representative is Manuela D’Agata, International Education and Certification Director.

Members of the Innovation and Education Committee

  • Dietmar Bernstein, Marketing Manager, Unger Europe
  • Dirk Tuip, CEO, FacilityApps
  • Elke de Jong, Innovation Manager, CSU
  • Karl-Heinz Mair, CEO of International Business, Klueh
  • Louise Cullen, Chief Operating Officer, CCS Cleaning
  • Louise Goldsmith, Head of EMEA Marketing, Vectair
  • Michael DiFiglia (committee chair), Managing Director, DTO Research
  • Mike Boxall, Managing Director, Sitemark


If you are interested in supporting the Committee to shape the future of our cleaning industry, please get in touch.

Apart from this initiative, you are always welcome to share with us ideas, feedback, and best practices. Please contact the EMEA team at [email protected] or call +49 61316367820