GHS Resources for Formulators

Under the GHS revisions to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (GHS), by June 1, 2015, formulators of chemical cleaning products must have complied with all of the following:

  • Reclassification of the hazards of all chemical cleaners consistent with the GHS classification system;
  • Revision of all SDSs to comply with the new GHS format; and
  • Revision of all labels to comport with the new GHS elements.

To assist formulators with this major undertaking, ISSA offers the following:

SDS Authoring Services. We realize revising SDSs and labels to comply with GHS can be a daunting task. Therefore, ISSA has arranged for discounts with two organizations that provide SDS authoring and other related services designed to comply with GHS. Please contact the organizations below directly for specific pricing information.

For general information regarding the services below including the discounted pricing for ISSA members, contact Bill Balek, ISSA, 800.225.4772, [email protected].

Overview. Each of the organizations below can create U.S. formatted SDS documents that comply with GHS. Please note that multiple products can be included on the same SDS document if the products have the same hazard profile. For example, products that have similar formulations but that vary by fragrance or dye may be included on the same SDS if the differences in dye or fragrance do not alter the product’s hazardous profile.

In addition to SDS authoring services, each of the organizations below also provide services related to creating GHS compliant labels, translation services, and other services related to hazard communication.

A long-time member of ISSA, INFOTRAC prices its GHS SDS and Label authoring services at a flat rate that is one of the most affordable in the industry. INFOTRAC will provide ISSA members with a 10% discount off of their already low prices.

Additional information is available by calling 800.535.5053. Be sure to mention you are an ISSA member to receive the10% discount.


Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd.: An ISSA member for over 30 years providing complete regulatory services for specialty chemical formulators, Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd’s SDS authoring process is guaranteed to meet the highest level of industry compliance for your products. ISSA members are entitled to a 10% discount off of Dell Tech’s list pricing.

For more information, contact Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd. at [email protected] or call 1-844-858-5021 and ask about the ISSA member discount.


The organization typically prices its services on an hourly rate, and estimates that a typical SDS takes 3-5 hours to author. ISSA members are entitled to a 12.5% discount off of ChemADVISOR’s hourly rate, and the one-time set up fee of $500 is waived. For more information please submit your inquiries to: [email protected], and be sure to identify yourself as a member of ISSA to obtain the discounted pricing.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting: Nathan Peters, ChemAdvisor, (412) 847-2000; [email protected].


MSDSWriter: This organization prices its SDS conversion services at a flat rate. ISSA member discounts start at 10% off of list price and increase with volume up to a maximum of 50% off.

To inquire about the services of MSDSWriter, please contact: Atanu K. Das, CHMM, MSDSWriter, (800) 285-7237; [email protected].