ISSAlert March 12, 2018

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EPA Issues Guidance on Placement of First Aid Statements on Pesticide Labels 

EPA issued final guidance that clarifies where first aid statements should appear on the label of pesticide products, including antimicrobial pesticides such as disinfectants and sanitizers.  EPA issued the guidance in response to comments from state agencies and pesticide registrants.

Toxicity Category I.  Under the final guidelines, the first aid statements must continue to appear on the front panel of all products assigned to Toxicity Category I by any route of exposure.  EPA may permit “reasonable variations” in the placement of first aid statements if a reference such as “See first aid statement on back panel” appears on the front panel. 

Toxicity Categories II and III.  Toxicity Categories II and III products must have these statements on a front, back, side or inside panel (any panel). These statements are optional for Toxicity Category IV products.

The guidance document is available at Docket# EPA-HQ-OPP-2016-0545.

Twelfth Antimicrobial Workshop.   Get the latest information on antimicrobial regulations and policy by attending the Twelfth Antimicrobial Workshop set for June 7-8, 2018 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, VA.  This popular program is a must attend event for formulators of disinfectants and sanitizers and their employees with regulatory responsibilities, technical staff, marketing professionals, and executive staff. 

Among other topics, the agenda includes:

  • EPA/FDA Dual Jurisdiction: Food Use and Medical Devices
  • FDA Regulations for Antibacterial Washes and Rubs
  • State Ingredient Disclosure Initiatives for Antimicrobial Products
  • Disinfectant Claims for Emerging Viral Pathogens
  • EPA DfE Pilot Program for Disinfectants
  • EU, Korea, China, and Canada: Antimicrobial Regulatory Developments

For more information including how to register for the Twelfth Antimicrobial Workshop, please visit