Summer 2019

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Summer 2019
Dear John,
ISSA Advocacy has been busy since the previous Legislative & Advocacy Roundup. In addition to keeping on top of the ongoing tariff debates, we have been engaging policymakers on proposed federal overtime regulations, state product packaging restrictions, and a delay in New York’s ingredient disclosure enforcement until January 2, 2020. We have also been tracking legislation related to immigration reform, minimum wage, sales taxes on cleaning related services, and much more for our members.
Since ISSA is the only organization advocating for entire supply chain of the cleaning industry, we track a wide array of issues for our membership. While not all these issues will impact you directly, many will impact you indirectly.
Ripple Effect in the Industry
For example, let’s say a state bans the use of an important and safe chemical used in a hand sanitizer. This would directly impact the manufacturer of the product, but also could lead to fewer product choices or increased prices for our distributors and cleaning service providers. It could also mean a less effective product must be used instead, thereby compromising public health. 
ISSA is the only organization that can mobilize manufacturers, distributors, and cleaning service providers to tell the whole story behind the impact a proposed bill or regulation can have. This can be incredibly powerful, but only if our members understand the importance and stay engaged.
You Can Make an Impact
Over the course of the next few months, ISSA will continue to roll out more education, advocacy tools, updates, and opportunities to engage policymakers for our members. As a result, we would like for you to opt in to receive the ISSA Legislative & Advocacy Roundup so you can be the first to hear about pressing legislation, compliance deadlines, advocacy events, training, and more! 
If any of your colleagues work on regulatory issues or would be interested in these updates, feel free to forward this email to them. Also, be sure to join ISSA for our Legislative & Regulatory Briefing webinar taking place on July 10.
As always, please contact me with any questions or suggestions at 847-982-3453 or [email protected].
John Nothdurft
ISSA Director of Government Affairs
What We’re Working On


•    Key Congressional Committee Passes Immigration Measures

•    State Law Mandates Panic Buttons for Hotel Housekeepers

•    Maintenance Workers Take the Spotlight on Times Square

•    Connecticut Joins States Setting $15 Minimum Wage

•    ISSA Supports Rescinding of 2016 Overtime Regulations



July 10, Webinar: ISSA’s Legislative & Regulatory Quarterly Briefing

October 9, Webinar: What’s Up With Ingredient Disclosure?

November 18, Ingredient Communications Workshop with HCPA in Las Vegas

November 18–21, ISSA Show North America 2019 Las Vegas