Straight Talk: DEI Gets Real

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By Jeff Cross | September 27, 2022 << Back to Articles Straight Talk: DEI Gets Real

If there is one sure thing in life, it’s that you have either heard of or you have been impacted in some way by the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conversation.

A quick Google search tells us that DEI is a term most often used to describe a training format in the workplace, used to encourage functional knowledge of fellow employees’ identities and how to navigate diversity in any organization. Then it mentions, “The concept of DEI has a much broader scope of application.”

No kidding.

From the thousands of articles to online references to TED Talks on this subject, DEI is something everyone needs to understand and embrace, and for some, tiptoe around habits and beliefs that used to be part of our culture in the past that could get you canceled if you engage in them now.

While DEI plays mainly in the workplace, it’s broader than that. Its effects are felt in academic circles, the medical field, sports, and other social and economic situations. The world is changing.

Yet, progress is just that. Progress. How we look at each other and treat each other— just being good people—is the goal of most DEI initiatives. Sure, we can find some big words and terminology and make it sound complicated (because some people like complicated), but do we really need that? Can we break it down into a simpler strategy, especially in the workplace?

I had an opportunity to get with the ISSA Hygieia Network, a signature program of ISSA Charities. My conversation with Dr. Felicia Townsend, the Hygieia program director, was interesting. So were follow-up commentaries by leaders in several key organizations involved with Hygieia and strong proponents of DEI. And yes, we taped it all, and it’s ready for you to watch, see what’s happening in the world of Hygieia and DEI, and then decide what’s the next step for you in this effort to drive DEI initiatives.

So, what’s next? That’s up to you. The few can’t do anything with DEI initiatives. But the many can. Watch the recording, visit with the dedicated professionals with the Hygieia Network (connect at, and get involved.

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Jeff Cross is the ISSA Media Director. He can be reached at [email protected].