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How Do I Become a CIMS ISSA Certification Expert?

Distributors, manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, consultants, trainers, and facility service provider representatives are encouraged to become CIMS Certification Expert (C.C.E.). To join the roster of individuals who are offering a crucial new value-added service to their customers or own organization, attend an upcoming one-day workshop and pass an examination. The fee for the C.C.E. workshop and certification is US$995 per person for ISSA members and $1,595 for non-members.  C.C.E. certification is valid for two years.

Review the C.C.E. workshop agenda and schedule.

Organizations that are interested in having ISSA conduct a private, custom C.C.E. workshop at their own facility should contact 800-225-4772 or for more information.

How Do I Renew My C.C.E. Certification?

C.C.E. certification is valid for two years. Individuals who received or renewed their C.C.E. certification in 2018 have until November 1, 2020, to renew their certification.


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CCE Virtual Webinar Description:

Obtain or renew your CIMS Certification Expert (C.C.E.) certification through a two -day live virtual workshop, November 5 and November 6, 2020. Remain an invaluable resource. This will be the FINAL virtual CIMS Certification Expert (C.C.E.) certification workshop this year.

  • Reduce labor budgets by 5-10%
  • Increase operational and budgetary knowledge
  • Evaluate, reduce, and redeploy your workforce
  • Help customers comply with CIMS standard practices
  • Continue as the expert on efficiency and sustainability.

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