Certification Guide

ISSA CIMS LogoThe Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Certification Guide is designed to help organizations benchmark their operations against the Standard and determine the best ways to meet its requirements.

Preview select excerpts from the Guide.

You’ll find:

  • Each element of the Standard explained in detail, including specific information regarding what an organization needs to do to comply with each requirement. 
  • Information regarding precisely what an assessor will be looking for during a CIMS certification assessment to determine compliance.
  • Useful suggestions and compliance assistance resources.

Ultimately, cleaning organizations that follow the CIMS Certification Guide can be fairly certain they are in compliance with the Standard’s performance requirements and eligible for certification.

The CIMS Certification Guide is available when CIMS Certification Application is submitted to ISSA. To receive your copy today, please contact ISSA customer service at 800-225-4772.

For more information on the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard, please contact Charlie Janowicz, ISSA CIMS Account Executive, at 800-225-4772 or [email protected].