CIMS Presentations

Free CIMS Webinar Available for Facility Service Providers:

Learn how to plan, update, and document your operations and customer service policies using the elements of CIMS by downloading the free webinar “Blueprints for BSC Success: The Five Elements of a Well-Managed Cleaning Organization.” This webinar also outlines the necessary steps to ensure service consistency, strive for quality, and create organizational buy-in of management goals—all to increase your company’s marketability and customer satisfaction. Watch the webinar

Attend a Discussion on CIMS in Your City

ISSA representatives speak at numerous events each year to educate the cleaning, facility management, and purchasing communities on CIMS, CIMS-GB, and certification and how the program benefits various stakeholders. Representatives speak at events such as IFMA Chapter functions, IEHA District Meetings, IFMA’s World Workplace, NFMT, CoreNet, CanClean, the ARCSI Executive Conference, NJSSA and SCSSA regional conferences, and more.

To find out what facility management executives and purchasing professionals will learn at the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) or Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) events, review a summary of the CIMS presentation.

To find out what industry professionals will learn by attending a general presentation on CIMS, review a summary of the CIMS overview presentation.

To discuss having an ISSA/CIMS representative speak at your event, please contact Charlie Janowicz, ISSA CIMS Account Executive, at 800-225-4772 or [email protected].