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ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

Cleaning Industry Training Standard (CITS)

The "Standard" in Training Excellence

The Cleaning Industry Training Standard (CITS) program is designed to increase professionalism and demonstrate a commitment to effective training. Specifically, the program is focused on training and certifying frontline cleaning professionals, verifying training programs and training facilities to a set industry standard, and improving the skills of industry trainers through a comprehensive workshop.

The actual CITS Standard was developed through a committee-based process involving experts in all industry classes. ISSA members and registered users can download a free copy of the Standard (note: you must be logged in to to access this page).

Find out What You Can Do With CITS

Frontline Cleaning Professionals
Are you looking for an affordable way to improve upon your skill set and achieve certification? 

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Supervisors & Managers
Are you looking to train your staff with a program verified by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association? 

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Manufacturers & Distributors 
Do you want to gain credibility by verifying your training program to the industry standard?

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Industry Trainers
Do you want to become an Accredited Certification Trainer (A.C.T.) and have the ability to present official CITS programs and help issue certification?

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Training Centers
Do you want to approve your facility as an official CITS Training Center?

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Didn't see the answer to your question?  Direct your questions about the CITS program to ISSA CMI Training Development Specialist Lucas Wendt.