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ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.


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CMI Consulting

Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) is known worldwide for their expertise in training commercial cleaning professionals.

Did you know that CMI offers a wide range of consulting services for both In-House Service Providers and Building Service Contractors as well?

Here are just a few consulting services that we can provide for you.

In-House Custodial Consulting 

  • Green cleaning
  • Custodial bench marking
  • Cost Savings
  • Team cleaning procedures
  • Quality improvement
  • Work loading services
  • Third party building audits
  • Absenteeism solutions
  • Square footage measurement
  • Onsite Custodial and supervisor level training
  • Equipment and supply review
  • CIMS implementation
  • Organizational redesign
  • Custodial master plans

Janitorial Outsourcing Consulting

  • RFP design and management
  • Onsite custodial and supervisor level training
  • Negotiation services
  • Janitorial bench marking
  • Janitorial consulting
  • Cost savings
  • Performance-based contracts
  • Staffing and cost analysis
  • Independent quality audits

For more information, please contact Mark Warner or 800-225-4772 ext 1371.