About Workloading Council

Who We Are and What We Stand For


The CMI Workloading Council serves as a non-profit resource to develop education and certifications while quantifying and disseminating ideas and practices for workloading labor. We are committed to researching, developing, and standardizing workloading concepts and processes through collaborative benchmarking and innovative practices.


The CMI Workloading Council will create an innovative community of problem solvers focused on establishing new efficiencies in labor utilization while promoting best practices in labor deployment, quality metrics, and management tools.

Foundational Principles

  1. The council is a professional resource for workloaders
  2. The council does not advocate for any specific product or manufacturer
  3. The council sets benchmarks for successful workloading programs
  4. Workloading applies effective efficiency to produce a specific outcome
  5. Workloading must follow a consistent defined process
  6. Workloading is the foundation of a successful process driven program
  7. Workloading programs must have standardized production rates and flow charted tasks
  8. All workloaded production rates for a defined cleaning process must be applied equally.