CMI Advanced Categories

To achieve Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) certification in advanced categories, students first need to pass the Cleaning 101 exam.

After achieving certification in Cleaning 101, students are eligible to participate in advanced specialty training.

Find a Training Program

To find a training program, first select the appropriate category below. After selecting a category, you will see a list of CMI-verified training programs. Select the program from the list to learn about how to train for that particular program.

If you are attempting to achieve the CMI Master’s, you will need to attend a program and pass the exam in each of the categories marked with an “X” in the Master’s column in the table below. 

Advanced Designation Categories Qualifier Master’s
General Cleaning GC X
Hard Floor Care HF X
Carpet Care CC X
Restroom Care RC X
General Safety (chemical safety, workplace safety, equipment safety) GS X
Hazard Communications (OSHA/GHS) HAZ X
Health Care Facilities/Hospitals HC  
Value of Clean (cleaning for health and sustainability) VoC  
Customer Service CS X
Green Cleaning
Personal Development PD  
Efficiency Training Program – Frontline Cleaning Professional Focus EF  
Efficiency Training Program – Supervisor/Managerial Staff Focus EM  
Schools/Educational Institutions S  

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