Clean Advocacy Summit

Save the date for the 2022 Clean Advocacy Summit, March 27- April 2! ISSA will host the Clean Advocacy Summit in conjunction with the Independent Office Products and Furniture Dealers Association’s Workplace Solutions Summit as part of National Cleaning Week.

Listen to this Straight Talk! interview with Lauren Smith, Business Development Manager for Chicago’s Crescent Cleaning Co.,and Rebecca Kaufold, the Manager of Government Affairs and Sustainability with Spartan Chemical Co. Inc., discussing their experiences at the 2021 Clean Advocacy Summit.

Many other 2021 summit attendees were inspired by the event and the overwhelmingly positive reactions they received from their congressional meetings.

“I must admit this whole process has been such an inspiration and I feel like a ‘fish out of water’ but becoming an advocate for ISSA has sparked a flame in me that I didn’t realize existed. I would really love to help you guys more once we get through this [summit]. Thank you for all you are doing!” said Wendy Dixon, owner of 
American Pride Cleaning Services LLC, in Durham, North Carolina.

“I thought the Clean Advocacy Summit was very well done. ISSA did an excellent job with this event and I’m looking forward to attending next year’s summit in person,” said Steve Lewis, CEO of 
Golden Star Inc., in Overland Park, Kansas.

Get a sneak peek—hear the Industry Leaders Roundtable as part of the 2021 summit.

more about the 2021 Clean Advocacy Summit.

Visit this page—— again in early 2022 to learn more about and register for the 2022 Clean Advocacy Summit!