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Monarch Brands
Address: 11350 Norcom Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19154 United States
Phone: 215-482-6100
Tollfree: 800-333-7247
Fax: 215-482-6190


Andrew Moore, Head of Marketing

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Monarch Brands delivers high quality and value-priced textiles from manufacturers around the world. We leverage our insight, global network, and purchasing power to find the perfect blend of quality and price-point for our customers. We specialize in: Microfiber - Marketed under the SmartChoice brand, our lines include cloths, mops, mitts, and wands, alongside complete hardware cleaning systems. ABW Wipers - We re-purpose millions of pounds of used textile products annually for industrial wiping purposes. Monarch Brands First Quality-made to spec. our first quality textiles are manufactured at the largest modern textile mills across the globe.Opportunity Textiles - discounted first quality overrun products that, while perfectly manufactured, were not purchased by their originally contracted company. Eclipse Textiles - Our value-priced line of slightly irregular towels. Often used in institutional environments, Eclipse towels often deliver 20% to 40% savings over their first quality counterparts.

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