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Quality Building Services Corp.
Address: 801 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10017 United States
Phone: 212-883-0009
Fax: 212-883-6770


Mirjana Mirjanic

Company Description:

Quality Building Services Corp., a certified Women-owned Business Enterprise, is the leading local commercial Building Services Contractor. We are NYC-focused where we service some of the premier commercial building assets in the City for individual and institutional owners. QBS is celebrating 20+ years of continuing success as a WMBE Trusted Partner.
QBS itself and through its affiliates, such as Quality Protection Services, Inc., provide top-quality services with their direct, dedicated employees, in the following segments of the building service industry:
• Janitorial
• Window Cleaning
• Metal & Marble Cleaning and Maintenance
• Engineering
• Security
QBS Clients have the support of our 7/24/365 Midtown Manhattan Command Center. Along with a fleet of Company-owned emergency vehicles, specialized equipment and highly trained staff, we stand ready to assist our clients whenever an emergency arises. We pride ourselves on safety and innovation, including offering advanced COVID-19 disinfecting services. Overall QBS is unparalleled in its capability to meet a multitude of building service needs with our own trained and supervised team of workers, supervisors and managers, which assures consistent high-quality results and clear accountability.

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Building Service Contractor

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