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Knittler Medien GmbH/Reinigungs Markt
Address: Mittlerer Hubweg 5, Egenhausen 72227 Germany
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Daniel Christian Knittler

Reinhard Christian Knittler, Publisher and Chief editor

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REINIGUNGS MARKT is the official ISSA publication for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With over 7.000 members worldwide, ISSA is the leading association of manufacturers and distributors in the cleaning industry. REINIGUNGS MARKT is an innovative specialist magazine for commercial cleaning services, hygiene and facility management. Cleaning and maintenance are key factors for ensuring cleaning standards, functions as well as the maintenance of the value of the facilities and their equipment. Cleaning is an integral part of facility management. As an independent specialist magazine REINIGUNGS MARKT offers its readers practical tips and competent advice. On-the-spot application reports, clearly presented market data, high-quality technical articles and regular special features are all part of the editorial concept. Interviews, surveys, product presentations and industry news are further highlights. Contract cleaning companies are the main target group. In 2012, 23.197companies operated with a total of more than 900,000 employees in Germany alone. The types of companies range from small specialists to large service enterprises offering a complete range of building services, with up to 40,000 employees in some cases. Following the U.S., Germany is the largest cleaning market worldwide. The industry generates a turnover of 14 billion Euros. So the industry is the most employment intensive trade in Germany. Over 2,500 member companies of the Federal Association of Guilds cover approx. 87 per cent of the market. Since 2008 Knittler Medien GmbH is publishing Gebaudereiniger-the education magazine for the young contract cleaners in Germany. Knittler Medien GmbH is also publishing fair editions in English, Italia and Türkisch.

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