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Sanitaire Bio-Products Pty. Ltd.
Address: 6/381 Thompson Rd, North Geelong, VIC 3215 Australia
Phone: 61-3-5277-0117
Fax: 61-3-5277-3689


Eugene Onyschko, Director

Company Description:

Sanitaire Bio-Products Pty Ltd is an Australian company experienced in delivering niche solutions using biological cleaning and treatment products.

Sanitaire Bio-Products has proven its credentials through delivering successful outcomes that fix the problems in an environmentally sensitive manner.

So often people forget to look at the whole picture:

• Cleaning
• Asset protection
• Amenity
• Environmental Impact
• Overall cost factors

That's what we do - look at the whole problem and tailor the solution.

We support a range of quality products from Bio-Productions UK Ltd, Europe's leading supplier of biological urinal blocks together with a broad range of leading edge environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

These products are essential tools in delivering significant water savings in the washroom, providing effective on-going cleaning regimes for waste pipes, septic systems, grease traps and the clean up of urine contamination from a range of surfaces.

We encourage water conservation measures to be undertaken in buildings in every sector and look at developing an integrated solution to achieve a positive outcome - some savings in excess of 90% is possible. This includes innovative approaches to incorporate non-flushing wall mounted urinal receptacles being used.

Our commitment to environmentally sensitive outcomes is paramount - embracing the Bio-Productions range of proven biological cleaning products means you can trust the results as all of these products have a proven track record in wide applications in Europe since the 1990's.

We encourage a tailored response to customer's problems - unlike other options where one fits all approach is taken, Bio-Productions have formulated their products to deal with specific problems and are structured to deliver good outcomes for longer.

Sanitaire Bio-Products combines proven cleaning solutions, quality support before and after sales, troubleshooting advice with the full resources backing Bio-Productions Technical Department.

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