Company Details

Oranje Commercial Cleaning
Address: 2524 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008 United States
Phone: 800-893-4080


Joshua Woodworth, Ceo

Company Description:

We believe in delivering consistency. Oranje is a locally owned, boutique commercial cleaning service. We wake up every morning asking ourselves what we must do to deliver consistency; others say this cannot be done but we are on a mission to prove them wrong. We break the vicious cycle and Deliver: Consistency when we invest in our people as an asset, hold fast to our commitment to a living wage, support a connection between the cleaner and the customer, and leverage our proprietary technology to ensure accountability to the hours worked, equipment deployed, chemicals used, processes followed, and inspections made. If you believe what we believe, then together we can change the industry and break the vicious cycle of inconsistency.

Company Type:

Building Service Contractor