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Ventum Biotech
Address: Cap OmegaRond Point Benjamin Franklin, Montpellier 34000 France
Phone: +33 4 67 75 56 12

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Truly efficient solution combined with state of the art diffusion system is the only way to lower the cost of decontamination. Our One-Touch™ system has been designed with efficiency in mind from the beginning. Our engineered diffusion system enables us to reuse the capsule and propel our solution to reach all corners of the room. Our recyclable pouch allows for the user to never be in contact with the product directly, while the solution in the air leaves no residue.

Safety is our paramount. Our rigorous tests are putting us far ahead of the curve. We have successfully completed several different tests, proving that our product is 99.9995% effective against a broad spectrum of biological organisms, all while being easy to store and handle.

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