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Address: 1901 E Palm Valley BlvdSte 109, Round Rock, TX 78664 United States


Michael Tighe

Catherine Sulskis

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As one of the world’s leading B2B eCommerce development agencies, DCKAP designs, develops, and delivers B2B digital commerce offering highly optimized and performance-oriented experiences. DCKAP also offers an array of digital products that allows brands and businesses to unleash their full potential. This includes:
Cloras - offering automated integration between multiple systems such as ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms.
flexiPIM - our Product Information Management tool to create and manage complete product data.
VizB - a tool to visualize and leveraging predictive e-commerce data analytics.
DCKAP - B2B Digital Commerce Company
Cloras - Integration Product under DCKAP
flexiPIM - PIM Software under DCKAP
VizB - Data Analytics Tool under DCKAP

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