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The Chemours Company
Address: 5325 Wooddale Ave, Edina, MN 55424 United States
Phone: 952-270-7483


Jeff Horsager, Global Product And Market Leader

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The Chemours Company is the global leader in the manufacturer of glycolic acid and the only producer in North America. Our technical grade glycolic acid is used in a wide range of HI&I cleaning applications. Do MORE with our disinfection grade of glycolic acid, Glyclean(tm) D: kill more organism quickly, do MORE for the environmental (readily biodegradable, VOC exempt, low environmental toxicity), and do MORE business efficiently with one-step clean and disinfect applications.
70% Technical Grade Glycolic Acid - Our standard grade for cleaning only applications.

Glyclean(tm) D70 - our EPA registered hard surface disinfectant. Highly efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.

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