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Address: 760 Parkside Ave.Suite 219, Brooklyn, NY 11226 United States
Phone: 301-259-1089


Rachael Sparks

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Highlight colors bleach and bleach wipes to visualize your surface coverage, training users with every wipe. The bright blue colorant fades to clear in a few minutes to remind users of contact time and doesn't leave residue or affect bleach efficacy. Highlight quantifiably increased users’ surface coverage in multiple peer-reviewed studies and improved ATP scores.

Highlight's visible disinfection overcomes educational, cultural, and language barriers to help users confirm their own work quality and validate a job well done.
Highlight® for Bleach Wipes - The Highlight Lid fits on all standard bleach wipe canisters or buckets and feeds wipes out on demand, adding the Highlight colorant to each wipe. When no wipes have been advanced for 5 minutes, the lid retracts the wipes to avoid dehydration.

Highlight for Bleach - This powdered additive can color liquid bleach for up to 5 hours, and fades within minutes upon spraying and wiping with your preferred cloth. It can also be added to NaDCC mixes if facilities "charge" their own disposable wipes.

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