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Zurn Water Solutions
Address: 511 W Freshwater Way, Milwaukee, WI 53204 United States
Phone: 414-808-0121


Tamanjong Fusi

Company Description:

Hygienic & Environmental Commercial plumbing simplified through a breadth of high-quality, low-maintenance products including smart sensor faucets, flush valves, sinks, toilets, urinals, hand dryers, partitions, and portable handwashing stations.

PlumbSmart analytics portal provides real time use and predictive performance insights for building owners, maintenance leaders and service providers to enhance the commercial restroom experience.
Zurn (smart sensor faucets, flush valves), sinks, toilets, urinals.
Just Manufacturing (commercial stainless steel sinks, portable handwashing stations).
World Dryer (HEPA filter hand dryers)
Hadrian (powder coated metal, stainless steel, plastic toilet partitions and lockers)

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