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Enviro-LCS Pty. Ltd.
Address: 51-61 Victoria St, Beaconsfield, NSW 2015 Australia
Phone: 02 9310 1400
Fax: 61-2-9310-1405


James Shea, Sales Manager

Company Description:

We provide a full range of environmentally safe Hygiene Services and Washroom products, including Sanitary Bins, Air Freshener (Air Fresh units & Purifiers), medical waste and sharps removal as well as hand hygiene products, we have over 150 products, services and options to suit virtually any requirement. We are environmentally and ethically responsible holding ourselves accountable for ensuring our work practices and procedures are ecologically safe, if not beneficial, to our community. We have only one finite planet - right?

With an experienced management team dedicated to providing the highest quality service, Enviro~LCS continues to maintain a competitive edge in an industry dominated by Multi-National companies.

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