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Hangzhou Hongwu Brand Management Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 1 Chuang Wei XingIntelligent Building 908, No. 366-1 Xiangyun Rd., Liangzhu St, Yuhand Dist., Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province China
Phone: +86 18958015598


Lijuan Wang

Company Description:

Founded in 2014, cazhilan, as a domestic high-end floor mat brand, has always carried out the brand concept of “Make extraordinary”, deeply cultivated in the “Ground scene” construction, innovative brand communication operations, by focusing on content and context, creating a two-way resonance of emotion and effect, a cosmic force lurks the determination to bring high-end ideas to the big-name scene, the recognizability, purity and practicability of the product blend with each other to form an organic whole. Finally, build up the close relationship between floor mat products and consumers, and build a high-end brand demand for precision services.

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