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Centaur Floor Machines Ltd.
Address: 103 Denison St, Markham, ON L3R 1B5 Canada
Phone: 905-475-5640
Fax: 905-474-9921


Shamez Mohamed, Co-Owner

Galib Rayani, Co-Owner

Company Description:

We Make Floor Machines and Vacuums that let professionals and commercial cleaners do a better job of maintaining, cleaning and restoring floors in less time.

In 1962 (just 6-years after arriving in Canada as a refugee from Stalin-controlled Hungary with no money), Tony Lelkes set up a machine repair shop with a $600 bank loan.

A few years later the first Centaur Model 15" Floor Machine was on the "shop floor"​, ready for sale.

Today (57 years later) Centaur is a recognized and trusted brand among professional cleaners with a reputation for reliability, durability and better engineering.

In fact, to this day, every Centaur machine is hand-built by skilled machinists to the most exacting of standards – and every component of each machine is tested individually (as a machine is being built).

The result of this precision-engineering, hand-built, craftsmanship approach?

Well, a Centaur floor machine will typically still be working 30 to 45 years after purchase -- (whereas, realistically, most other manufacturers machines will only last you between 5 and 10 years before breaking down, requiring you to pay-out again for a replacement).

The OVERALL BENEFITS of Centaur machines lasting 3 to 9 TIMES LONGER than other manufacturers machines, are as follows:

 No downtime / repair time or loss of productivity on a job when you use Centaur machines

 A Centaur machine will have a higher residual / resale value -- highest among the competition (Centaur machines depreciate the least).

 Centaur machines cost less per month / year to own and operate compared to competitor machines

 Centaur is more environmentally friendly than other manufacturers machines (you won't be chucking your Centaur machine into a landfill any time soon!)

And best yet:

 ONE Centaur floor cleaning machine can typically do the "jobs"​ of 2 to 3 machines (combined) from another manufacturer.

That’s why just about every prudent professional cleaning company eventually gravitates to purchasing a Centaur machine.

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