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Do Not Read Before Eating
Robert Kravitz | March 5, 2013

While the United States has been suffering through a nasty flu epidemic, many of us might have missed what’s happening around more

Brushing Up on Your Water Vocabulary
Doug Berjer | May 1, 2012

With last week’s observation of Earth Day, this is a good time for cleaning professionals to become more focused on water, more

Every Day Is Earth Day for the Cleaning Industry
Jolynn Kennedy | April 20, 2012

Earth Day was created 42 years ago by a small but passionate group of individuals that organized speeches and rallies throughout more

Taking Green Cleaning to Schools
Bill Balek | January 26, 2012

Environmental preferability, sustainability, “green,” reducing your environmental footprint … these terms have become part of our everyday lexicon as schools, businesses, households, more

Green Trends Not to Be Ignored
Bill Balek | January 26, 2012

Not so many years ago, distributors of commercial cleaning products would only venture to stock a handful of green chemical cleaners, more

Understanding Water Recycling Terminology
Doug Berjer | December 22, 2011

As water concerns mount around the globe, water recycling and reclamation practices are expected to become much more common in future more

Planning Ahead
European Cleaning Journal Staff | October 4, 2011

Research and detailed planning are essential before you quote for, or commit to, a carpet care and cleaning contract. Gordon McVean more

Cleaning Proposals: Managing Rejections
Dick Ollek | January 4, 2011

A colleague recently bid on a fairly large production facility with what he felt was a fair price. Soon after, his more