Associate Training Partner Program

The Associate Training Partner Program is an opportunity for organizations to partner with CMI and delivers added value to the end users. It is a perfect opportunity for distributors and manufacturers who are committed to enhancing customer value. The levels of partnership available are determined on the value you offer your customers. You will have opportunities to host a CMI scheduled workshop throughout the year at your facility.


  • Distributors and Manufacturers who are committed to enhancing customer value.
  • Vocational Schools, Rehabilitation, Re-entry and organizations committed to the education and certification of cleaning professionals.
  • Organizations must utilize the CMI Custodial Technician curriculum and deliver CMI certifications to empower front line cleaning professionals.

Program Levels:

Associate Training Partner Program has four tier levels that provide value for organizations and include a different level of participation within the program.

Tier levels consist of Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. To view each level’s details, select the options below:


Diamond Associate Training Partner

Gold Associate Training Partner

Bronze Associate Training Partner