DEAL Participants

ISSA’s Distributor Efficiency Analytics & Learning (DEAL) program began as a pilot in the fall of 2016. Some of the companies that started with the pilot and have continued on with the DEAL program include: 

Dalco Enterprises

Dalco Enterprises, Inc.

EBP Supply Solutions

EBP Supply Solutions

Iowa-Des Moines Supply

Iowa-Des Moines Supply, Inc.

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North American Corp

North American Corp.

Solaris Paper

Solaris Paper Inc.

  Nyco Products Co.

Nyco Products Co.

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“Nichols strives every day to reduce our operating cost and our environmental footprint, which is why we joined the ISSA DEAL program. Our headquarters facility is LEED EBOM Gold certified with an ENERGY STAR score of 89 out of 100.  Despite these significant achievements, we will never get comfortable and say, “we have done it all” because we can ALWAYS do better.  The ISSA DEAL program pushes us to keep learning and to keep improving.  For example, the DEAL Learning Session on modifying driver behavior to improve fuel efficiency helped me realize that modifying our drivers’ driving behaviors improves our drivers’ safety while reducing fuel consumption and costs.  As a result, I am meeting with HR and our transportation manager to ensure we incorporate this training for our drivers. Using the data captured through the DEAL Program, we can quantify our results and strive for continuous improvement,” said Renae Hesselink, Vice President of Sustainability at Nichols

“As a cleaning chemical manufacturer, efficiency is the key to being profitable, which is why Nyco participates in the ISSA DEAL program. During our annual performance review, the DEAL efficiency consultant showed us that we were out of contract and overspending with our existing natural gas supplier.  Using the analytics they provided, our team negotiated a natural gas rate that is significantly less than our existing rate. Over the three-year contract, we are projected to save about $33,000, equaling a 270 percent ROI” said Bob Stahurski, President of Nyco.

Download Nyco’s DEAL Case Study (PDF)

“At EBP Supply Solutions, we are very transparent with our clients in terms of how we operate our facilities and fleets.  This is one of the reasons why we joined the ISSA DEAL program; it provides a neutral third party that reports on our organization’s performance.  We make this information available to our entire sales team so that they can share our business practices with our customers.  Just as we proudly supply 3rd-party verified products, we proudly supply third-party verified operation’s data,” says Stephen Marlin Marketing Manager at EBP Supply Solutions.

“SmartWay encourages any size organization, large or small, to improve sustainability; partnering with ISSA on its DEAL program helps cleaning product distributors save money through cleaner, more efficient transportation practices while contributing to clean energy and clean air,” says Cheryl Bynum, National Director, at EPA’s SmartWay and Supply Chain Program Center.


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