ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.
ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

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Polish Up Your Cleaning Knowledge!
The Official ISSA E.Z. Trainer Custodial Training System includes a full host of educational resources designed to help train cleaning professionals on everything from safety precautions to specialized custodial tasks. Click any of the links below to purchase these products in our online Professional Development Center.

14 Basic Custodial Procedures: This booklet contains procedural information regarding the 14 most commonly performed cleaning jobs.

612 Cleaning Times: This newly-updated book lists industry time standards for performing cleaning tasks.

E.Z. Custodial Inspection Form: This useful work-analysis form, packaged in a tear-off pad, provides ample room for assessing job performances in all areas of building maintenance.

E.Z. Deck of Playing Cards: Based on the E.Z. Trainer Custodial Training Manual, this full-color deck of playing cards is a fun and entertaining addition to any training program.

E.Z. Restroom Service Log: Track the daily maintenance of your restrooms with this professional, easy-to-use form.

E.Z. Trainer Custodial Training Manual: This full-color training program booklet contains 15 chapters that detail correct cleaning methods as well as proper usage of custodial equipment.

Restroom Cleaning Booklet: This booklet details the steps necessary to properly clean a public restroom.


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