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ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

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Train the Trainer - ISSA Show North America 2018

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Train the Trainer - ISSA Show North America 2018

Train the Trainer is structured to help train and certify cleaning professionals so they can successfully implement training for their operation. It is a great way to begin effective and high-quality training.

The curriculum teaches cleaning best practices with minimal environmental impact and will increase efficiency and decrease costs for your cleaning operation. “It's easy for people to get on board, and it helps with all aspects of the job; we can even communicate better and our staff understands what to do with less supervision and explanation. The Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) program can help everyone succeed,” Carl Bowman, Ohio State University.

The two day course utilizes the CMI Custodial Technician Basic and Advanced level certification courses as a foundation for the technical skills being implemented. Each day of Train the Trainer will include indepth discussions and group activities featuring one of CMI's Master Trainers.

A rough agenda for Train the Trainer will provide you a basic understanding of what will be covered. Each category is drilled down in depth with a strong focus on implementation of a proper training program for your staff.

Day 1: Custodial Technician Basic

  1. Chemistry of Cleaning
  2. Basic Above Floor Care 
  3. Basic Carpet Care
  4. Basic Hard Floor Care
  5. Basic Restroom Care

Each day, groups will be assembled to create presentations based their specific module. It will be the groups responsibility to develop a presentation utilizing CMI's content and deliver the message to the rest of the class. At the conclusion of instruction of the Basic Custodial Technician content, each attendee will be required to take a final exam. The passing grade per module is an 80 percent. Along with the technical skills, each day our Master Trainer will continuely cover adult learning styles and presentation techniques.  

Day 2 Custodial Technician Advanced

  1. Advanced Hard Floor Care
  2. Advanced Carpet Care
  3. Advanced Above Floor Care
  4. Taking the final Custodial Technician Advanced exam
  5. How to implement a proper training program
  6. Setting goals to implement a training program

Note: Travel costs are not covered in the registration fee for Train the Trainer.  If you are interested in registering, please contact TJ Grim at 800-225-4772 or A final exam will be taken at home after class has concluded.   

All sales are final. No refunds are provided after registration. If an attendee is unable to join the seminar, they can use the credit toward another live seminar or have another employee join the seminar.

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