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Webinar: The Regulation of VOCs in Chemical Cleaners

April 4 , 2016 << Back to Events

The Regulation of VOCs in Chemical Cleaners
April 4, 2016 - 11:00 a.m. (Central)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), commonly found in chemical cleaners, help to form ozone in the lower atmosphere—a significant health and environmental hazard. As a consequence, the EPA and a patchwork of state governments regulate the VOC content of consumer and commercial cleaning products. This critical webinar will provide an overview of those regulations and how they impact distributors and manufacturers of chemical cleaners.

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  • William C. Balek is the Director of Legislative and Environmental Services for ISSA, the worldwide association for the cleaning industry.  In addition to being an attorney, Bill has over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry working primarily in the realm of occupational safety and health.

*This Webinar was conducted on 4/4. The archived version can be downloaded at

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