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Webinar: Cleaning Change Solutions

March 5 , 2019 << Back to Events
Webinar: Cleaning Change Solutions

Cleaning Change Solutions™ is an integration of seven different guiding principles. The Cleaning Change Solutions strategic plan drives a cleaning organization to create positive outcomes. Cleaning Change Solutions shepherds overwhelmed organizations to bring balance and stability to their custodial operations.


The seven components of Cleaning Change Solutions are:


The benefits of Cleaning Change Solutions™ are:
  • Managing efficiencies and achieving proper budgetary stewardship 
    • A workloaded process is a more efficient use of labor
    • The efficiency allows you to save money
    • Provides a consistent and predictable outcome
  • Honoring customer expectations
    • Including the People Process, Appearance outcome, and Logistical setup.
    • Understand what the process is designed/customized expectation is and what it should be
    • Setting a baseline measurement
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment  
    • Integration of workloading, training, and the right culture
      • Workloading - know precisely what you should be doing
      • Safe practices on how to do the job
      • Culture of emotional safety
  • Establishing clear and fair work responsibilities
  • Building trust by creating accountability
    • Identify where deficiencies might be
    • Frees management to do what they’re meant to be doing instead of putting out fires

The relationship and connectedness of the seven steps allows cleaning change solutions to truly happen for you and your team.

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  • date:
    March 5 , 2019
  • location:
    Online Webinar broadcast from Northbrook, IL
    Northbrook,United States
  • contact:
    TJ Grim
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