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Access the current list of certification professionals who have achieved these qualifications. These lists are current as of February 15, 2020.

I.C.E. – CIMS ISSA Certification Expert:

CIMS “ISSA Certification Experts” (I.C.E.) are ready to provide training and consulting services to cleaning organizations interested in complying with and preparing to be certified to the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS).

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C.P.T. – Certified Professional Trainer:

Certified Professional Trainers have successfully completed the CMI Train the Trainer program. By attaining this designation they are authorized and empowered to train others to be Certified Custodial Technicians by preparing them for the certification exams.

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C.C.S. – Certified Custodial Supervisor:

Certified Custodial Supervisors have successfully completed a comprehensive training program that covered leadership skills and communication, workloading and staffing considerations, purchasing and ROI calculations, appropriate team structures, task frequency scheduling, task performance evaluations, and quality inspections, as well as cleaning industry standards and regulations.

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A.A.P. – Accredited Auditing Professional:

Accredited Auditing Professionals are individuals certified as accredited cleanliness/quality assessment auditors. They can perform in-depth quality/cleanliness audits, which will identify a score for cleanliness and benchmark the status of a building, as well as identify deficiencies that need corrective action.    

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