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5 Ways Humans and Robots Can Collaborate During Times of Crisis

Presenter: ISSA & SoftBank Robotics

Channels: Automation Amidst The New Normal A 5 Part Webinar Series, Webinars

Host: Hannah Oates Panelists: Dr. Matt Willis, Chris Wetmore, Holly Borrego

Original Air Date: May 14th, 2020

In a new webinar series presented by ISSA and SoftBank Robotics, experts discuss the uncharted territory of a global Pandemic and the “New Normal” facing all of us right now! There is an unprecedented combination of opportunities and challenges for the cleaning industry using robotics, automation, and new business models. Listen to multi-disciplinary experts navigate and guide us to leveraging automation for optimal business outcomes.

There is a cleaning crisis across every structure as we try to balance increased cleaning demands due to the pandemic with the safety and health of workers. Humans can collaborate with Robots to manifest true work automation. Join us for a discussion on how humans can collaborate with intelligent robots, by off-loading repetitive, onerous cleaning.

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