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Carpet Care on the Spot

Presenter: Darrell Hagan and Chris Hix

Channels: BSC Focus, Educational Quick Clips, How-To Cleaning Demos, ISSA Show & Events, Residential

Coffee, soda, and gum are all great pick-me-ups, until they end up down on the floor. In this Educational Quick Clip, Darrell Hagan and Chris Hix explain how to tackle these common carpet woes to make sure your cleaning methods are always spot on.

Please note: The labels on the chemical bottles used in this demonstration have been removed to not represent a specific product or manufacturer. However, in a practical application, every chemical bottle must be clearly labeled.

About the Presenters

Darrell Hagan is manager, product care, and Chris Hix is a product care specialist at Shaw Industries in Dalton, GA.

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