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Don’t Put All Your Sales ‘Eggs’ in One Basket

Presenter: Jim Pancero

Channels: BSC Focus, Distributor Focus, Educational Quick Clips, Management, Motivational, Sales & Marketing

In days of yore, sales reps would develop a relationship with a company by focusing on the buyer—and then nurturing a close relationship with just one key contact. But what happens when that contact gets sick, moves into another role, or leaves the company? In this Educational Quick Clip, Jim Pancero explains why the old account-management model doesn’t work anymore—and how sales teams should be building relationships in the 21st century. 


About the Presenter

Jim Pancero is a leading sales and sales-management consultant for the business-to-business market. He has conducted more than 2,500 presentations or consulting days for more than 500 companies. He is the author of “Leading Your Sales Team: How to Manage a Winning Sales Team.” For more information about Pancero, visit


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