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Engaging Younger Employees in the Digital Age

Presenter: Bob Wendover

Channels: BSC Focus, Distributor Focus, Educational Quick Clips, Employee Relations, Management, Technology

There’s no way around it: Employees who have grown up surrounded by technology
acquire and absorb information differently than those who came of age when mobile
phones were something you’d only see in a James Bond movie. So how do you reach
younger employees, who are used to gathering information on screens—not from their
supervisors? In this Educational Quick Clip, business author Bob Wendover explains
how employers can convey information so that they truly connect with employees just
entering the workforce. He also outlines specific techniques that you can use, to
help a young employee thrive in your business.

About the Presenter

Bob Wendover is an award-winning author who has been researching and writing about
workforce trends for more than 30 years. He has written or contributed to more than
200 articles for a wide variety of national publications. Wendover also is a regular
guest on radio and TV programs across the United States.

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