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Keep It Clean: Cleaning Times for Hospitals

Presenter: Keith Sopha

Channels: BSC Focus, Educational Quick Clips, Health & Safety, Standards

How much time should your staff be spending when cleaning a hospital room? Twelve minutes? Twenty? Thirty? What are the standard cleaning times, for different types of hospital rooms (such as private or semiprivate)—and what about rooms with isolation precautions? In this Educational Quick Clip, Keith Sopha outlines a project by the Canadian Association of Environmental Management that is studying how much time workers are really spending—and how they compare to benchmarks put forth by U.S. and Canadian health agencies.


About the Presenter

Keith Sopha is president of Good Choice Cleaning Services Inc. and founder of CleanLearning, a training and certification program for housekeepers, especially those in health care settings. He has served as president of the Canadian Association of Environmental Management since 2006 and possesses 30 years of experience in the jansan industry.


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