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Managing the Jansan Generation Gap

Presenter: Jim Pancero

Channels: BSC Focus, Distributor Focus, Educational Quick Clips, Employee Relations, Management, Motivational, Sales & Marketing

Batten down the hatches: The cleaning industry is facing a major cultural shift. As baby boomers head toward retirement and millennials begin their careers, some business experts are predicting a sea change in the way companies do business. In this Educational Quick Clip, Jim Pancero looks into the future and forecasts how the waves of employees entering and exiting the work force will affect distributors as well as the cleaning industry as a whole.

About the Presenter

Jim Pancero possesses more than 40 years of experience in business-to-business sales—35 of those as a sales and  sales-management consultant. During that time he has conducted upwards of 3,000 presentations for more than 600 companies. He also is the author of “Leading Your Sales Team: How to Manage a Winning Sales Team.” For more information about Pancero, visit

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