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Simple Ways to Control the Spread of Infection

Presenter: Steve Ashkin

Channels: BSC Focus, Distributor Focus, Educational Quick Clips, Green Cleaning, Health & Safety, Management, Standards

You can’t always control what germs come into a home or facility. But you can keep from spreading them around. For example, if your custodial staff is using the same cloth to clean both a bathroom and a desk, they could be cross-contaminating surfaces without even knowing it. In this Educational Quick Clip, “green cleaning guru” Steve Ashkin spells out some simple cleaning tips that are not just valuable for cold-and-flu season, but all year ‘round.


About the Presenter

Steve Ashkin has been working in the cleaning industry since 1981. He is president of The Ashkin Group, a consulting firm specializing in greening the cleaning process, as well as executive director of the Green Cleaning Network. Ashkin is the co-author of The Business of Green Cleaning and Green Cleaning for Dummies, and has extensive experience working throughout the entire supply chain.


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