3M Continues to Combat Coronavirus Counterfeiting

October 5, 2020 3M Continues to Combat Coronavirus Counterfeiting

3M recently detailed the company’s efforts to prevent the spread of counterfeit 3M personal protective equipment (PPE) and price gouging of its products due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

3M has investigated more than 7,700 reports of fraud globally and filed 19 lawsuits, resulting in nine temporary restraining orders and seven preliminary injunctions. The company’s legal efforts have resulted in the shut down of more than 13,500 false or deceptive social media posts, over 11,500 fraudulent e-commerce offerings, and at least 235 deceptive domain names. 3M has been awarded damages or has received settlement payments in seven cases to date and the company has donated any proceeds to COVID-19 recovery-related charities.

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