ACI Survey Finds Americans Preparing for Spring Cleaning

March 6, 2020

The American Cleaning Institute’s (ACI’s) annual National Cleaning Survey found that 78% percent of Americans plan to do spring cleaning this year. The same percentage of adults also believe their home is not clean enough throughout the year.

The areas people want to focus on most when cleaning this spring include bedrooms (25%), closets (23%), kitchens (22%) and family rooms (18%). As far as specific surfaces that need the most attention, survey respondents say the dirtiest areas of their home include:

  • Windows (65%)
  • Floors (64%)
  • Toilets (48%)
  • Shelves (41%)
  • Kitchen Appliances (32%)
  • Sinks (28%)
  • Bed linens (19%).

When asked about their top three cleaning concerns, survey respondents replied:

  • Mold (31%)
  • Dirt (22%)
  • Odors (22%)
  • Stains (15%)
  • Dust (12%).

Not everyone surveyed plans to spring clean this year—8% say they clean every other year, 5% clean ever few years, and 3% spring clean even less often. And 7% admit to never spring cleaning. The reasons for not cleaning are varied, with most (40%) saying their home doesn’t look dirty, and a close second (39%) saying they would rather do other things. A few (13%) say they don’t have enough time to spring clean and 7% claim they don’t know how.

As most surveyed Americans listed their windows as the dirtiest spot in their home, offering window cleaning as an added-on service can increase business for your company. Learn how to implement add-on services in your company’s offerings.