ACI Survey Shows Flu Season Spurs Cleaning

October 20, 2020

As the Northern Hemisphere enters flu season and the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of ending soon, facility managers and homeowners are not letting up on their cleaning and disinfection routines. This winter, nearly half (46%) of Americans will continue to clean and disinfect, according to a recent survey from the American Cleaning Institute (ACI).

The survey of 1,005 adults, conducted by international market research firm Ipsos on behalf of ACI in September, sought to determine consumer cleaning and disinfecting practices and beliefs during the pandemic. It found 86% of Americans are confident that their cleaning products will help protect them against coronavirus and the flu. This confidence was highest among adults 55 and older at 90% versus 81% among 18 to 34-year-olds.

The survey also found:

  • 92% of Americans said they use disinfectants on surfaces at home.
  • 56% of Americans plan to continue wiping down surfaces more often by using disinfecting products like wipes and sprays.

 “Consumers are confirming their trust in cleaning and disinfecting products for daily needs,” said Melissa Hockstad, ACI President and CEO “As an industry, we are committed to continue meeting the demands of consumers and deliver the products that keep them and their families safe.”

In addition to cleaning, health experts are recommending Americans get the flu vaccine this year, according to CMM.