BSCAI Report Shows Rising Sales

July 29, 2019 BSCAI Report Shows Rising Sales

A majority (65%) of building service contractors (BSCs) report they had higher profits in 2018 compared to previous years, according to a survey by Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI). Among these successful BSCs, 48% expect their profits to be slightly higher in 2019 and 42% believe their sales will increase slightly this year.

As an increase in growth requires an increase in services, a majority of respondents (88%) provide or plan to provide floor finish stripping and application to their services within the next 12 months, and 87% plan to add carpet care. The least popular services BSCs plan to offer include pest control (6%) and composting (3%).

BSCs believe certain market segments are stronger than others, with 73% listing the commercial market as the strongest. However, 36% of BSCs say they are targeting the health care market for growth, including medical and dental offices.

Offering workers competitive pay is a challenge for many BSCs, with 42% reporting they pay new workers more than minimum age. However, among the cleaning professionals surveyed, 46% said the top reason for leaving a company is to receive higher pay elsewhere.

Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) represents a worldwide network of more than 1,000 member companies throughout the United States and countries worldwide that provide cleaning, facility maintenance, security, and other related services to building owners and managers. For more information, visit