California Airport Bans Sale of Plastic Water Bottles

August 7, 2019

Starting August 20, vendors at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) will no longer be able to sell water in plastic bottles, Environmental Leader reports.

Instead, airport vendors can sell water in reusable bottles, recyclable aluminum containers, glass containers, or certified composable bottles. The ban includes purified, mineral, carbonated, and electrolyte-enhanced water sold in shops and vending machines.

The ban is part of the airport’s efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. In additional to the plastic water bottle ban, SFO has expanded its Sustainable Food & Beverage program and the City and County of San Francisco’s Plastic, Litter, and Toxins Reduction Law by transitioning away from single-use plastic food service ware and food service ware accessories. Since March 31, airport tenants and vendors have been required to provide reusable plates, eating utensils, and other food service ware and accessories or those that are certified compostable or made of natural fiber such as paper, wood, or bamboo and that are fluorinated-chemical free.

Airport tenants and vendors may only provide food service ware accessories such as straws, stirrers, chopsticks, cup sleeves, lids, napkins, and condiment packages upon customer request or at self-service stations.